A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My secret Dream.....

I know what you are thinking 'That's a lot of neon swim caps!' my thoughts exactly. I am also thinking that my secret life long goal (not the one to host SNL)is to do a tri ( when you are cool and actually DO triathlons you call 'em tri's) is about to come to fruition.While I do not run unless being chased by a rabid dog or something and I do not swim long distances ( does water aerobics count?) and I currently don't even own a bike much less a road bike ( when you are cool and DO tri's you call it a road bike) I still think I can get my act together for the Malibu Tri next Sept . So I am going to do a few races between now and then to get ready. My first will be Dec.6th and then I am eyeing a 1/2 marathon in January. My feet hurt thinking about it because I seriously can barely run for 10 min. straight! Anyway I want to try and do this for my health and just to prove to myself that I can( In high school I used my powers of persuasion to get out of EVERY mile run cuz' running pretty much sucks) .So I am telling everyone so I can have some accountability and a few extra prayers cuz' I am scared!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sorry Blog, it was my fault..

Me and my peeps - lovin' us some monkey face Danny.

Chelsea and I sisters in love.

I haven't forgotten my promise to post a few pic's from the mostawesomestconcertever but if you want to view a few more and read about Chelsea's bra slingin' in excruciating detail ( also her best, most funny and possible wet pants inducing blog yet) click here http://livininthecopa.blogspot.com
My bloggin' has taken a back seat to my busy life recently 2 Halloween parties (adults only and costume NOT optional -I got my groove on Stella is not taking it back) 1 kid Halloween party,1 catering job,a 31st birthday -mine -yep' I'm legit' in my 30's now . No more 29-ish it's early thirties all the way for me! Blog kept tuggin' on my mind and now I'm back baby and dont worry little blog I won't forget you again...I'm sorry.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NKOTB for you and me

Last night the Heavens parted and I witnessed a miracle I never dreamed could happen! My beloved NKOTB ( New Kids On The Block for those of you woefully unfamiliar with the late 80's dream boats) reunited and put on the show of shows and the screaming thirty somethings couldn't get enough. We ( my 4 fab sisters and I) had fab seats on the floor in the middle and then ( half way through the show) out of nowhere the Kids got on a stage about 20 feet from us and performed a few choice songs! We convinced Chelsea ( lets face it she didn't need much convincing and she had the most no bra friendly outfit) to remove her red bra and chuck it at 'em -Devz tried and failed then Chels had to search the middle aged cankles of the audience for the crimson number. Just as soon as they popped up in the sea of estrogen they were gone and rushed passed Hilari and I as we touched ( grabbed,accosted, molested) each New Kid as they sped by . Heaven isn't too far away!Kelli danced the WHOLE time and we bonded with one another last night in a deep and profound way- like when you serve in a war or survive a natural disaster together. I have pictures - LOTS of pictures- Don't worry my pets you will get a glimpse of the mayhem and beauty of the show and it will make your mind Explode. Get the paper towels ready-its gonna get messy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Grass Isnt always Greener

I have been thinking this week about gratitude and being thankful for the challenges we get to have in this life. Sometimes I have felt some trials were almost insurmountable and then prayer,faith and time corrects my flawed thinking and voila the problem is gone or changed. Luckily it changes me too. I get to learn patience ,humility and meekness in a way I would not have without a little (or a lot of) struggling. Everyone has hard things to deal with and I guess just being grateful for the opportunity to grow ( sometimes I think I've grown enough!) is what I need to shoot for. No one has a perfect life or one without some stress.I have always heard that if everyone put their problems in a pile you'd pick up yours again.Like Kanye says " That that don't kill me can only make me stronger" sing it to me sweet Mr. West.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Remi is 6!!!

Happy Birthday Remi! She is a great little girl who is sensitive, kind and a little spunky.She is smart ,loves learning to read and is a great singer and organizer of her two littler sisters. She loves all things fashion and music related( she puts on cabaret performances pretty much everyday with Ava and Sloan).She can keep up with her big brothers but definitely enjoys being a girl.Remi is a good helper and a wonderful member of the fam'. We love our Remi !!! Have fun being 6!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nice Work if You Can Get It

A couple weekends ago the kids were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and couldn't go another minute without setting up a lemonade stand/work stand. The girls have been dying to set up shop with crystal light lemonade and service with a smile.The boys came up with the name 'Houdinis of Work' and a slogan "We make your Work/Labor Disappear"( don't even try to steal it it's totally copyrighted) . Flyer's were made and passed out and a few kind friends have already called them for odd jobs. Xander is drawing for .75$ a page and Nash said he can do all the heavy lifting because he is soooo strong. They are on their way to being able to buy the coveted Batman Lego game and become millionaires ( they've promised me an old convertible and Kevin a mansion house). Kevin made them a proper lemonade stand so no more Home Depot boxes will be harmed -
and the kids helped paint it and are sooo proud of their new business digs.Keep workin' kids- Momma needs a new pair of shoes!.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Stinky Kids Oh ,my!

Squinty eyes , sweaty foreheads and desert filled exhibits mean one thing-a trip to the Zoo. Hot sweaty fun was had by all even when the "free admission" to the Zoo turned out to be not so free. As the temp rose into the triple digits we saw beasties in all shapes and sizes and even visited Monkey Village where you couldn't touch anything because it was all 'marked' by the free range monkeys- it smelled marked too ( I love the smell of fresh monkey urine in the morning!).The Zoo was packed but my little animals didn't mind one bit they were happy and stinky and dusty! I think next time we'll wait till sweater weather to venture into the animal kingdom -only 2 more months to go- I cant wait, my hoodies are getting restless!