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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Walkin to School

I walked today.

Yep I walked . Im not crippled or anything so its not THAT big of a deal (like a wounded veteran who walks after years of painful therapy and finally is able to put one foot in front of the other to walk his daughter down the aisle at a beautiful wedding in New England in the fall) but every day I think I will get all the kids ready and be able to go to school early enough that I can walk them and we can bond, talk and get some exercise - enjoy the fresh air for heavens sake! Every single day there is no time- barely enough time for hair , breakfast ,teeth brushing , backpack checking ,baby feeding ,toddler changing let alone leaving 30 miutes early to walk. Well today I got up at 6 am took a shower and was ready to make my walkin dream come true ! Helped Nash finish the homework he should have finished the night before and !/2 of them cereal and the cereal haters had eggs. Fed Baby Sloan and left her with Kevin and Ava and said adios !We got out the door at just the right time !Hallelula!As we sauntered along a super busy street we talked about our favorite flowers ( 2 votes for Venus Fly traps 1 vote for a pink rose) and the way New York has subways and taxis why its important to brush our teeth and I thought this is great -----till i looked down and saw stretched out before us like a beige snake -a USED condom !
C'mon Man, I thought to myself why here? Someone had to have thrown it out the window as they zoomed by and just EEEWWWW GROSS!!! I didnt call attention to it and the kids kept walkin along discussin their preference for New Yorks transit system and I prayed it would' nt be noticed . We got to school ( I rapped a little walkin to school rap much to the chagrin of my boys and Remi and I sang a few choruses of High School Musical) and I walked back and saw it again and thought about how you can never fully protect your children from all the bad stuff of the world and how it is impossible to not want to. I dont want them to see nasty naughty junk and it just goes to show that you do your best and pray it will all work out and bad experiences and choices will still happen you just hope you taught them well enough to repent and walk on by the next time . Oh yeah and teach them not to litter.