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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NKOTB for you and me

Last night the Heavens parted and I witnessed a miracle I never dreamed could happen! My beloved NKOTB ( New Kids On The Block for those of you woefully unfamiliar with the late 80's dream boats) reunited and put on the show of shows and the screaming thirty somethings couldn't get enough. We ( my 4 fab sisters and I) had fab seats on the floor in the middle and then ( half way through the show) out of nowhere the Kids got on a stage about 20 feet from us and performed a few choice songs! We convinced Chelsea ( lets face it she didn't need much convincing and she had the most no bra friendly outfit) to remove her red bra and chuck it at 'em -Devz tried and failed then Chels had to search the middle aged cankles of the audience for the crimson number. Just as soon as they popped up in the sea of estrogen they were gone and rushed passed Hilari and I as we touched ( grabbed,accosted, molested) each New Kid as they sped by . Heaven isn't too far away!Kelli danced the WHOLE time and we bonded with one another last night in a deep and profound way- like when you serve in a war or survive a natural disaster together. I have pictures - LOTS of pictures- Don't worry my pets you will get a glimpse of the mayhem and beauty of the show and it will make your mind Explode. Get the paper towels ready-its gonna get messy.