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Friday, October 3, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Stinky Kids Oh ,my!

Squinty eyes , sweaty foreheads and desert filled exhibits mean one thing-a trip to the Zoo. Hot sweaty fun was had by all even when the "free admission" to the Zoo turned out to be not so free. As the temp rose into the triple digits we saw beasties in all shapes and sizes and even visited Monkey Village where you couldn't touch anything because it was all 'marked' by the free range monkeys- it smelled marked too ( I love the smell of fresh monkey urine in the morning!).The Zoo was packed but my little animals didn't mind one bit they were happy and stinky and dusty! I think next time we'll wait till sweater weather to venture into the animal kingdom -only 2 more months to go- I cant wait, my hoodies are getting restless!