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Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday Madness!!!!!

My eldest son Xander ( who loves that X Man is a possible nickname) and middle daughter Ava ( not really like Jan at all -thank heavens) just enjoyed turning 9 and 4 ( Chucky Cheese is counting my ducats and laughing in his creepy robotic sinister way). Both had parties ( I would like to go on record as a staunch Chucky pizza hater- hello gross) with some wonderful amigos and familia .They loved planning their treat for school and the menu for breakfast and lunch plus eating off the red plate on their big days.The first two weeks of February are birthday central here and the kids make sure the birthday child is El Capitan . Ava is a little unsure of becoming a full flegged big girl ( she is struggling with remaining potty trained and every word starts with a d wether you like it or not) and Xander thinks he's pretty much a teen by now (he is dreaming of a fedora ala Jonas Bros. and reads Tolkien-sheesh). Kevin and I feel blessed to have such great kids who are unique and amazing ! ( and without a birthday to plan- aka throw together- until July when Nash and Sloan hit us with a double whammy- good thing I dig a party!)