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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Thanksgiving an Elastic Waistband is your BFF

Tomorrow is the Big Feast and I happen to enjoy any holiday devoted to eating and thanking. We have our gingerbread houses ( more like dilapidated ramshackle huts) ready to decorate and each kid is stoked to lick and stick multitudes of stale and fresh candies to their graham clapboarded sides. I have two assignments one fully cooked moist and lovely 18.5 lb.turkey (tofurkeys need not apply) and a 20lb. vat of buttery delicious mashed potatoes ( pipe down potato buds we don't take kindly to you in these parts either). I can't decide on my attire sweat pants seem too obvious a choice and leggings a tad too constrictive. I wish I could come to my Gramma's in my trusty leopard and rose print muumuu and call it a day. However that may send the wrong message like I stopped taking my meds or I missed the bus to the next Bold and Beautiful Fan convention. I promise I will shower and wear deodorant and the whole shebang but if I have to explain my competitive -eating- beginning -amateur- noncompetitive- status as I dive head first into a beautifully crusted chocolate cream pie to my hard of listening familia again I think I may have to eat another whole pie to numb the pain(maybe there will be a coconut cream!!- a girl can dream....) Have a great Turkey Day chock full of Thanks and pie and rivers of gravy!