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Monday, August 18, 2008

Personal Space

Firstly - check out my cute #1 and #4 - Secondly I would like to say that most people have phobias ,quirks, and or a general dislike for face grease swapping that may make a face to face smoosh like this uncomfortable.I don't think that idiosyncrasy shows itself in children until at least the tween years. My kids like to be ALL up in my bidness' . We live in a constant smoosh fest. I have a few kids who would like nothing more than to press their whole body against mine for a full night of sweaty sleepy time. One daughter thinks secret telling means holding your whole face and breathing heavily into your ear( I know a couple different names for that). I guess it doesn't really bug me except when I need good sleep or a little bit of a flesh pressing break. They aren't always going to want to be all over my lap or to have me rub their back or tell me elaborate reasons why the jokers minions should have jackets of a different shade of purple.I need to embrace ( literally and figuratively ) the chances I've got to pile all together on the couch and force them to watch old movies, have scared half asleep kids suffocate me in my sleep and hug it out when they are grouchy at me for any reason at all. Personal Space Shmershonal Space