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Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday with the Fam'

This is what happens when we drive to Glamma and Grampa Fabulous' house - every Sunday we pile in the car and the kids who havent enjoyed a siesta before the trek pass out in the warm car. Xander uses his super human stay-awake powers to draw all the way there. I love listenin' to Wait Wait Dont Tell Me ( my fave news /quiz/ joke show on NPR ) and Kevz likes it too (even though he acts like its waaay to liberal for him -yes, he's my not so closet conservative) . We try to guess the answers to the Quiz and the kids drool away till we reach their fave place for some fine chow last night it was- salmon with lime and butter, steamed veggies ,lovely salad with feta and avocado , fresh summer fruits and for dessert a little (lets face it a big ol' slab) pound cake with fresh whipped cream and sweetened strawberries I would like to see Martha do any better . We have a wonderful time seeing cousins and Aunties and Uncles and of course the Glammz laughing and wrangling the kids. I love Sundays . I Love them more with my whole fam'. What do you like about Sundays?