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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watch Out Big Daddy!

This weekend the boy cousins got to have some manly bonding time with Grampa Fabulous and the girls and I had some Lady Time. On our way back from dropping them off Remi said "Hey Mommy we are all girls in the car! It's a GIRL TRAP! Where's Daddy?" I said at work and that he'd be home in awhile then she replied " Daddy better watch out we are going to destroy him!" Luckily no one was destroyed and after movie night Remi and Kevin had a camp out in the living room and Ava and I had a snugglefest in my cozy bed- couch sleepin' doesn't thrill me like it once did. Today after the girls gave each other 'makeovers'-I had two very freaky lookin' girls on my hands...think Heath Ledger as Joker- we went to the dollar store and the girls thought they were in heaven picking out the perfect one dollah' prize .Up and down the aisles we went with every suggestion I made shot down - it was a good prep for me for future teenage clothes shopping- until a suitable pink hair covered head band and castle shaped makeup kit was found.After baths this evening we had a beauty parlor and I gave some wicked mani pedis to ALL the little ladies.( P.S. 1 yr.olds have a hard time getting toe polish on just their toes) The boys came home worn out by fun and it was good times all around! How was your weekend?

Boys + Grampa = Awesomeness