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Monday, December 29, 2008

This is what the DMV does to you....

Christmas eve I was pulled over and found out that my license had been suspended for over a year-yikes. The kindly officer didn't haul me to jail and impound my car because it was Christmas Eve and my kids were in cute matching jammies (crying that I would be taken to jail so I had them say a prayer and calm down while I stood outside the car trying to look upstanding) it was raining on us and he was fighting a cold so I think that helped him go soft on me . I lucked out. I was chauffeured around all weekend long and went to an 8 hour traffic school that was weirdly semi-enjoyable (albino with Internet bride,he/she person and neck tattoo girls were all represented) with a nice teacher and class. I braved the DMV for hopefully the last time in a long time today and got my right to drive back. HOOORRAAYY!!!! -although I will miss Kevin wearing a cap and calling me ma'am ( the plastic divider made it hard to hold hands). Thank Heavens for things that could be a whole lot worse!