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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cool Beans

I How do you know if you truly love something? Well, you set it free and if it comes back then you know it was meant to be. Thats exactly how I feel about the masterpiece that is HOT ROD. I have not seen it since that amazing night at the theaters and recently I fell head over heels all over again.(Cinematic Masterpiece is the only way to describe this film by the way )If you dont adore this movie its ok because not everyone gets a punch dancing,animal loving, stunt attempting , step-dad fighting , super awesome soul mate like me.

Roller Derby!

Look at those kids hanging on for dear life yet still manage to crack a smile.

Flare nose.

Just call me Doctor Cool Roller MD.

Seriously,someone call a Doctor!

It is VERY hard to take pictures when you have skates on that are 2 sizes too small AND you have to stay next to the baby strapped in the stroller AND you are a pretty lame skater AND none of your 4 kids skating can skate very well either. Good thing it was still fun!


Maybe when my secret dream to be a Roller Derby Queen and call myself 'Big Assets' is realized these guys could be my cheerleaders (wear little dollar sign inspired outfits and we could dye their hair green -and I could have fishnets with fake money poking out of some of the holes )I dont even want to tell how well I ve thought this through but I will say that my whole outfit is pretty much planned .Now all I need to do is learn how to actually skate! Oprah says to dream big.