A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down but not Out

This is me.... Well me if you add a broom , stinky sheets, kids homework , pile of laundry , scrubber for deep bathroom cleaning- I'm a deep cleaner!!bowl of ice cream ( I discovered that adding broken up lady fingers to it makes a cakey ice cream combo that Pee Wee once told me about at his Playhouse in the late 80's and I always dreamed of enjoying-DELISH!), couple hurt teeth , bum shoulder, and a healthy dose of Tivo'd Real and Desperate Housewives.Sorry I've been awol but I've been busy and neglecting my blog -sorry again blog .My clothes don't have nearly as many holes as hers and thankfully flip flops are readily available and I have sisters and friends and parents and a hubz and I bet she wishes she at least had Tivo. I'll blog again soon but only after I finsh cleaning out the fridge- I know I'm blowing your mind with my cleanliness is next to Godliness ways!