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Friday, December 26, 2008

Amazin' Ava

Well Christmas was awesome and adventure filled (which I will blog about later )but first I got tagged to do a spread on my Ava from my fave friend Debra( I usually don't do tags for no reason in particular but one on my kids is something I can't pass up). Here are a few things that everyone should know about this lovely lil' girl 1. She loves all things girly and pink and blue 2. Dressin' up and Barbies are her faves 3. She adores her siblings and cousins and friends and will play until she passes out 4. When she is tired at night but wont go to sleep she busts out a Frankenstien EAEAEAAHHHH !!!!! that could terrify any blood thirsty mob 5. She loves to say the prayer at night and it is always sweet and hilarious and often unintelligible 6. She is a great singer and dancer and actress - a triple threat - watch out Hannah 7. Is sometimes weirdly shy and weirdly stubborn 8. Digs oatmeal and school 9.She's an accomplished snuggler 10. We are super lucky to have such a darling little gal' in our family who has a happy personality and beautiful smile. We Love Ava !!!!