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Thursday, August 14, 2008

School is Cool !

This is the best back to school shot we got this year, 3 kids looking at the camera 1 looking off to the side and 1 looking at something much more interesting seems to be as good as it's gonna get. The kids were filled with same mixed feelings I've been having.Xander misses his 2nd grade super fun teacher and the 3rd grade is gettin down to business time so he's missing the freedom and coloring homework of his youth.Nash misses me ALOT - he's a tender heart and has a hard time with change but he digs his teacher so I'm sure it'll be fine.Remi is very excited to be a kindergardener but kinda' forgot what it was like to be gone all day .Ava LOVES everything about preschool and just wants more of it. Sloan and I have had to adjust to the new schedule and it was fun to play with just her for a few hours today.So the first week back is almost over but its full steam ahead for another year of homework , book fairs , playdates and half eaten lunches hooray!!!!