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Friday, August 29, 2008

Viva Lucha!

Maybe you dont know this but I L O V E love the fab Mexican fighting masks. Lucha Libre...ahhhh the theatrical show of strength, the pagentry of it all, the boudless amounts of churros I am sure they sell at the matches. I found american fake wrestling when I was a young babysitter and nothing else was on basic cable at 11:00 on a Saturday night ( that was BEFORE I discovered the awesomeness of SNL -another story-and TBS movie marathons) I enjoyed Macho Man , Ultimate Warrior and of course Hulk Hogan- love me some bright yellow feather boas- and I didnt think any thing else could compare but the Masks of our resourceful neighbors to the south won me over. A few years ago my Glam Mom and sisters and I went on a little cruise to Mexico and all my pesos were spent on Masks. I found baby sized ,fringed, furry,and pleather beauties and now my costume obsessed kids and I can revel in their coolness.I also adore any sport that gets a costume (dodgeball ,rollerderby or ballet anyone?) and I think we should bring back the fancy swim caps of yesteryear ( Esther Williams was soo glamorous). Wrestling with a costume always looks cool even if its lame.Ava and Nash rock the Masks too.