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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Props to the PoPo

So I came home tonight to find my front door WIDE open and I couldnt remember if I had locked the door or not( I have been burglarized 2 times and attempted once before so I know to leave the investigating to the pros ) I called 911 and sent the kids across the street and waited for them to come. 2 officers checked out the house and we decided that it was all my fault and nary a bad guy could be found. Phew...So after I explained to the officers that a bad guy must have snuck in and left a Mount Everest of laundry on the couch and a few dirty dishes on the sink and of course it was a bad guy that decided to dump out the whole Tub -o -Barbies so he could find that perfect evening dress for a date with Ken I realized something - I should clean my house as if a policeman was going to have to search it ! I always thought you keep a home clean because order and cleanliness is next to godliness and it promotes a happy home but knowing the PoPo may have to check out yer' skivies drawer gives it a whole new sense of urgency. This was the 3rd time I' ve had to call the police and have them check out my crib and each time I wished I would have wiped or swept something before they came. Now to say that cleaning is not my strong suit would be more than accurate ( I'm much more naturally inclined to do ANYTHING else-dental work seems better sometimes) but I have been really trying to keep everything tidy.This experience just reminded me to keep on keepin' on in my efforts to be a cleanin super star. So I say Thankyou to the fine men and women in blue who serve , protect and help to inspire us to mop more often.