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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Family that Sings Together.....

Mothers Day was yesterday and it was pretty chill and pretty great! My kids and Hubz and I all sang in sacrament meeting ( Kevin was nervous but tried very hard to learn his part and help the kids sing and never once complained -even though I totaly make him do it- and we all sang pretty well together ( Baby Sloan even helped 'sing' from the pews) and my goal was met - we started and ended together .My Mom and Gramma Great came to watch the kids stood still and didnt fight or fidget during the song ( a real concern of mine). Everyone looked nice and cute( but I did notice in primary that Nash had on blue soccer socks instead of black church socks-beggars cant be choosers).I wore the cool charm necklace my uber talented mother made for me and my sisters for Christmas(it has pics of my kids ,parents wedding ,my wedding ,sister pic and other charms too) and Ava kept askin' who's pic was on each charm and totaly playin' with it while I was singing my little solo part. Oh Well, The show must go on! We trudged through and it was very sweet to do that with my good Hubz and sweet kids. I felt very fortunate to sing with them and to help invite the spirit of motherhood and family to the meeting.Honestly, I am amazed daily at what smart and funny kids they are and greatful for a Hubz that still thinks I am the bees knees . I also need to give a shout out to my wonderful Mother who has always been SuperWoman to me. She has boundless talents, beauty beyond compare and a very generous and kind heart.I hope I can be half as cool as she is one day!Momma Fabulous I Love You!!!