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Monday, June 2, 2008

Hazardous Haberdashery

Today just 25 minutes ago I heard a yell -not a little scream but a grown man freak out yell - it was brief then was followed by a baby cry -loud one.I was like 'Its not even 9:00 yet whats with all the yelping?' then (since I have super senses) I realized that Kevin was hurt.I ran down the hall to see a lonely hat in the hall way and Kev said a SCORPION bit him on the head -it was IN his hat! The baby was crawlin' around his feet while he was brushing his teeth and putting the finishing touches on his outfit (i.e. the hat). I scooped up the baby and put her in her jail(crib) and that was as bad as a scorpion bite to her. Kev' wants me to write that he was very brave and then took the 'baseball cap of danger' outside with the evil scorpion in it to meet its maker. Kevin is fine and so is baby Sloan and I doubt that this experience will deter him from head coverings but it may make him check inside before donning it.