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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My secret Dream.....

I know what you are thinking 'That's a lot of neon swim caps!' my thoughts exactly. I am also thinking that my secret life long goal (not the one to host SNL)is to do a tri ( when you are cool and actually DO triathlons you call 'em tri's) is about to come to fruition.While I do not run unless being chased by a rabid dog or something and I do not swim long distances ( does water aerobics count?) and I currently don't even own a bike much less a road bike ( when you are cool and DO tri's you call it a road bike) I still think I can get my act together for the Malibu Tri next Sept . So I am going to do a few races between now and then to get ready. My first will be Dec.6th and then I am eyeing a 1/2 marathon in January. My feet hurt thinking about it because I seriously can barely run for 10 min. straight! Anyway I want to try and do this for my health and just to prove to myself that I can( In high school I used my powers of persuasion to get out of EVERY mile run cuz' running pretty much sucks) .So I am telling everyone so I can have some accountability and a few extra prayers cuz' I am scared!