A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Monday, January 26, 2009

gratuitous pic's of my darling kids

I am a semi-busy lady and workin' on some self improvements- eat better (like NO sugary treats 8 days and counting - I deserve an award - today I am cuttin' out my great friend Mr. Bread) I am also organizin' (2 hours in the play room brought us the gift of a floor and 10,000 costumes to find a better spot for) I guess I'm working on not lettin' my natural man tendencies get the better of me. I frequently let the dishes creep up but I am making it my goal to go to bed with a clean sink ( some reading this may say 'ahhdoy !' and I know I am way behind on the consistent cleaning curve) and piles of laundry neatly folded and put away. I know ,I know it's not rocket science but I naturally want to have a tidy home but couldn't figure out how to do it - guess what the secret is -doing it. How can I be a genius and a nimrod all at once? I'm off to make my childrens tubs of memorabilia and then dinner-see how awesome I am already becoming even without toast with cinnamon sugar...oops I drooled a bit.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mascara + Baby = Mess

Sloan is a huge fan of my mascara and all natural juice boxes. Who can blame her? They both make you feel refreshed ,healthy , hydrated and cute . I know, I know I 'm a good Mom for teaching her about the importance of maintaining a youthful glow. I am holding off on the whole Botox vs. Restalyn talk until she is 2.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have the COOLEST most TALENTED friend!

My fave amiga and roomie 4 score and 7 seven years ago ( really 10 years ago but Abraham Lincoln is way better with words than un-presidential me ) Michelle (the girl who introduced me to the delicacy of smoked oysters on ritz crackers with mustard and peanut butter as frosting )is opening an etsy shop!!!! type type type is chock full of gorg giclee prints on water color with lds inspired sayings . This is not your mommas vinyl lettering ( not that there is anything wrong with that) but cool prints ready to frame.Anyway check out her stuff at etsy ! type type type is cool and if I was cooler I could figure out how to link something..... and not use cool as my discriptive word of choice ...blurg.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

9 beautifully stinky years

While checking out Craigs List my Dad (he's just discovered the wonderment of it) and sistah' Hilari ( she's an old pro)saw someone giving away a couple packs of small adult diapers in the description it said that only people that really needed them should call and no "sickos who just like wearing diapers" ( I have watched a lot of day time talk shows in my day and didn't realize that there was such a big demand for recreational diaper wearin' adults).
That lead me to think about my long term relationship with the disposable wonders - nine years of consistently changing someones poopy pants. I can't say it's been a fun nine years but it has been interesting . Not to get graphic but the human digestive system is pretty coolio. I probably have 2 years left of being intimate with another persons intimates and when I am done I don't think I'll miss it and I am sure gonna keep some wipes around ( they clean everything -even my face) but it will be an adjustment- a happy less stinky adjustment.