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Friday, April 3, 2009

6 horrible truths

Miss Mary ( whom I love and worship) tagged me to write 6 mysterious and exotic true things about myself ( I added the mysterious and exotic - all I want to do is try to make my life sound more exciting by saying I am a double agent or super model or Gelato taster) I guess I will just try to be honest....

  • I love, nay adore beautifully ripe produce. For as long as I can remember the sight of a farmers market or the amply stocked fruits and veggies at a grocery store set my heart a flutter ! A farmers market where you support small businesses and smell and taste the delectable goods is a slice of tomato flavored Heaven. Oh, think of the rainbows of flavor, the options for dinner!!!
  • I am into Fun and Happy. I like finding fun in everything I do . I am not saying I don't like hard work 'cuz I do- working hard is important I just think joy can be found in most every situation . I have mucho to be happy about and thankful for. I am really trying to express my gratitude more often and be positive and excited about life no matter what.
  • I LOVE movies and tv ( 30 Rock,Mad Men, Reno 911, reality junk) . Mostly happy and funny( Happy Texas) or dark and funny ( Drop Dead Gorgeous) . I think you can get away with alot if it's funny( Hot Rod, Airplane) .I love art and foreign film ( Rabbit Proof Fence, My Fathers Castle , My Mothers Glory) I also love musicals ( Gypsy, SummerStock) and weird movies ( True Stories, Delicatessen). I crave oldies ( The Women, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Life With Father ) I don't watch R's so if a film is edited and on tv I am all over it ( Old School , Godfather). Hooray for edited Tarintino!
  • I am trying to get back what I guess I've let go. I didn't realize how loose I've gotten but trying to tighten it all up is way less fun and much more difficult than lettin' it all flap free. This has made me realize how extremely confident I am about some things about myself and totally embarrassed/ horrified of others- trying to be a grown up self improvement lady aint easy .
  • My dream job changes frequently - I am lovin' that I live the married to a wonderful man and mother of 5 fab kids dream but if I could embellish it with a few more jobby jobs it would be set designer , SNL host-( I have a few sketches planned one involves false teeth and stretchy pants) ,restaurateur and big time caterer, Drag Queen ( sooo glamorous- no stretchy pants) author of cook books and chick lit ( food for crazy mommies and crazy mommy stories), event planner, artist, roller derby girl( my name will be BIG ASSETS and I will have a costume filled with dollar signs) , cabaret and opera singer, aerobics instructor, documentary film maker, master gardener, talk show host( not The View- no offense Whoopi) and personal assistant to Kathy Griffin or Jonathon Adler . I could never dream to be an accountant- Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Oh, last thing -I love junk and garbage. One mans trash is my flea market treasure ,the possibilities are endless! If I actually follow through with my artistic vision for the trash is a whole other thing. A forgotten trunk in an abandoned attic is full of possibilities - and rats - or maybe gowns from the 40's that will fit me perfectly. - A girl can dream!

There are my 6 painful truths and now I hereby declare Debra, Nicole,Charlene, Chelsea, Mom, Bobbi , Good luck it's hard to think of things and narrow them down - strange isn't it.