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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have seen and heard a lot of weird stuff today. The seen part is all hair related, actually fake hair related. Exhibit A the Gal ( I feel like my Glammom saying Gal - not that there is anything wrong with that) who watches the kids at the gym had crazy rows of extensions totally visible and I didn't know if that was an oops my slip is caught in my unders situation where I should alert her or if that was a fashion choice. I chose the latter and was grateful she wasn't busting out white after Labor Day.. Exhibit B an Older Lady ( think Golden Girls old not Desperate Housewives old-not that they are old or anything) in Wallymart had super short hair with a long dirty blonde clip on pony on the top of her head TOP of her head. Exhibit C a Rotund Man jogging ( who looked like Rodney Dangerfield may he rest in peace getting some much deserved respect) with very little light colored hair on the bottom and a bright orangeish toupee on top- like sitting right on top -like a bird resting on a prickly branch - get the visual? Then I see that this dude above thought it would be awesome to get a guy pooping shaved into his head. Now I give him points for moxie but execution and flair leave much to be desired.
On to heard weird stuff! Nash informed me that he is in fact part werewolf and has super speed with a dash of super strength ( Think shirt ripping guy from the Bachelorette now a fave on The Soup). Xander said that most people with his type of nose ( cute and button like) tend to have short stubby fingers - like his- who knew? All this weirdness in one day - when did I get sooo lucky?!