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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to Barter Town!

This entry is not about my eternal love for my 'Proud Mary' Miss Tina(and Oprah Bestie), or about how much I once adored the charismatic Mel but how his mug shot and drunken rants have tarnished his glow a bit. It isnt even about how much I love the 3rd installment of the fab Mad Max movies ( remember the feral children ,the little dude on the shoulders of the big masked guy, the THUNDERDOME for heavens sake!) . Nope its about my new found love of haggeling ( negotiating a lower price) or bartering ( trading crap you dont want for good stuff). I was still pretty much embarrassed to do it but I saw an expose' about it ( Geraldo was no where to be seen ) and I thought I'd give it a try . Well, at WallyMart I got the customer service guy to sell me a pretty crepe paper bouquet from Martha Stewart for 90% off cuz the box was a little smooshed . To be honest I was just messin' with the man but he went for it so I've thrown caution ( and self respect..... dignity left in April) to the wind and will now be asking for a finders fee for milk and eggs and playing lets make a deal for basic t's at the Gap. In highschool we would always ask for free 'tasting fries ' at Mc D's and for some reason that always worked so Im goin' back to my roots and will trade a hug for a creme filled Dunkin Donut if that counts as bartering.
Watch Out World Bartering Brooke is here to stay!