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Friday, January 2, 2009

9 beautifully stinky years

While checking out Craigs List my Dad (he's just discovered the wonderment of it) and sistah' Hilari ( she's an old pro)saw someone giving away a couple packs of small adult diapers in the description it said that only people that really needed them should call and no "sickos who just like wearing diapers" ( I have watched a lot of day time talk shows in my day and didn't realize that there was such a big demand for recreational diaper wearin' adults).
That lead me to think about my long term relationship with the disposable wonders - nine years of consistently changing someones poopy pants. I can't say it's been a fun nine years but it has been interesting . Not to get graphic but the human digestive system is pretty coolio. I probably have 2 years left of being intimate with another persons intimates and when I am done I don't think I'll miss it and I am sure gonna keep some wipes around ( they clean everything -even my face) but it will be an adjustment- a happy less stinky adjustment.