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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Booger is the new Black

Super cute baby right? All but the tell tale shiny spot. That glistening snot droplet is Sloans must have accessory - she always has one . Haven't you heard that booger is the new black? That mucus is the new maxi dress? She did away with her signature look about 2 weeks ago and I was in kissy face heaven! I didn't have to worry if a salty treat would accompany my kiss goodnight or if my shoulder and legs would have mysterious matte streaks all over . Her bottom incisors came in and life was sweet! Last weekend the nightmare began and one by my kids started dropping like flies succombing to a stomach flu (24 hours- phew) and my baby was not spared - neither was my husband who has had to embrace the throne all day. Her nose is back running like a faucet and I have to do a tissue sweep before her strawberry lips touch mine. I can only dream of a snot free world where mucus does not reign supreme.