A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Monday, December 29, 2008

This is what the DMV does to you....

Christmas eve I was pulled over and found out that my license had been suspended for over a year-yikes. The kindly officer didn't haul me to jail and impound my car because it was Christmas Eve and my kids were in cute matching jammies (crying that I would be taken to jail so I had them say a prayer and calm down while I stood outside the car trying to look upstanding) it was raining on us and he was fighting a cold so I think that helped him go soft on me . I lucked out. I was chauffeured around all weekend long and went to an 8 hour traffic school that was weirdly semi-enjoyable (albino with Internet bride,he/she person and neck tattoo girls were all represented) with a nice teacher and class. I braved the DMV for hopefully the last time in a long time today and got my right to drive back. HOOORRAAYY!!!! -although I will miss Kevin wearing a cap and calling me ma'am ( the plastic divider made it hard to hold hands). Thank Heavens for things that could be a whole lot worse!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Amazin' Ava

Well Christmas was awesome and adventure filled (which I will blog about later )but first I got tagged to do a spread on my Ava from my fave friend Debra( I usually don't do tags for no reason in particular but one on my kids is something I can't pass up). Here are a few things that everyone should know about this lovely lil' girl 1. She loves all things girly and pink and blue 2. Dressin' up and Barbies are her faves 3. She adores her siblings and cousins and friends and will play until she passes out 4. When she is tired at night but wont go to sleep she busts out a Frankenstien EAEAEAAHHHH !!!!! that could terrify any blood thirsty mob 5. She loves to say the prayer at night and it is always sweet and hilarious and often unintelligible 6. She is a great singer and dancer and actress - a triple threat - watch out Hannah 7. Is sometimes weirdly shy and weirdly stubborn 8. Digs oatmeal and school 9.She's an accomplished snuggler 10. We are super lucky to have such a darling little gal' in our family who has a happy personality and beautiful smile. We Love Ava !!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Super Woman !!!

Remi is showing Xander that even though she doesn't have a Lariat of Truth she is a Wonder Woman in training.Remi is a beautiful little lady she is eager to learn ,happy to help and a very loving sensitive gal - oh who is also super duper strong.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Is that you Santa Claus?

Last week on a shopping trip for a catering job Hilari and I spied with our little eyes a Santa wannabe! I loved that he exploited his natural white beard and love of hats to don a Santa cap and red fleece zip up. Ava and Cruz were terrified of the man but after he stopped shopping in the hard liquor aisle ( not that I care if a man wants to spike his hot cocoa but it is funny to see Santa comparison shop the 40 proofs -we all have to get warm in the winter somehow) we called him over to try for a pic' - the kids wouldn't have it so I jumped in and Hilari took the pic' . I only got this one off as he was walking away to find the cookie aisle no doubt. I love any season that encourages dressing up.Only a week and a half left for this guy to get accosted in big bulk stores...don't ya just love Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Garge Sale of the Century

About a month ago Hilari and I rallied the troops and had "The Best Garage Sale On Earth" -well that's what we told all our customers. We had tons of stuff and Hilari had piles and piles of boys clothes and mens clothes she snuck outa Jason side of the closet. I didn't have all that much to offer up because even though my cleaning prowess is similar to Roseanne Connors ( that was her last name on the show but we all know it should have been Barr cuz it was basically an autobiography even with weird DJ in the mix) I am pretty good at getting rid of stuff I don't need - not perfect but I say 84% good.Even though my merch ( in the biz you call merchandise 'merch') was lacking my spirit to sell was not and in a brilliant stroke of genius I decided to sell back rubs for $3 and compliments for $o.50. I even resorted to busting out a sign that said singing telegrams for $1 ( but they had to be delivered in my driveway which was not that great of a business plan) . I didn't sell one back rub or compliment though I busted out a few semi-unwanted hugs. We managed to sell a bunch of stuff and give away a few gifts with purchase - people loved that.We said our garage sale would make their minds explode and I think Hilari and I along with 8 candy/lemonade sales people managed to do just that- oh and compliments are still only $0.50 .....stock up for Christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Post It Face LIves!!!!!

Just when Meat Hand mysteriously disappeared another hideously deformed creature made his debut.... The Post It Face Monster!!!! Who knew that something so useful like non-permanent glue backed pieces of paper could be so grotesque? Hide your office supplies, petty cash and especially inter-office memos (the ones about old food in the fridge and the birthday comitee are particularly anger inducing ) he could strike at any time! Consider Yourself Warned ......

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Bee and Me...A One Sided Love Story

That is one big disgruntled bee and I would like to start this off by saying I am a full on bee supporter. I am Pro-Bee . I saw The Bee Movie, enjoy Sue Bee Honey , used Burts Bee's lip balm ( not very often cuz' that stuff is spendy) ,and watched the 60 minutes where they talk about how all the bee's are disappearing and how we aren't going to be able to raise crops without them and bee keepers are going out of business cuz' a mizillion bee's are takin' a vacay cuz' of cell phones (- even Andy Rooney's do ya ever wonder why we get junk mail segment couldn't erase my concern).So I have alotta' love for our friends the bees and was shocked when one decided to rummage around my hair and sting my finger while I was gingerly shooing it away.So 4 days later my useful pointer finger and surrounding tissue has become a hand of fleshy swollen goodness. Saturday night it was at its worse and I gave it a nickname of Meat Hand or McMeaty for short. Antibiotics are helping the swelling and Benedryl is keeping the itchiness at bay while also delivering a substantial buzz.The kids said my hand looked like a lil' baby hand all round fatty and pink. I have developed a healthy respect for all the things my left hand does for me like hold things and pet things and touch things - I really really like my left hand. I also harbor no ill will towards that wayward bee. I was always on his side ( I love bees wax candles and look pretty good in yellow and black) and the fact that a bee didn't take the time to get to know me better and realize I am not a threat is just a life lesson- or end of life lesson for the bee cuz' I think they die after they sting you. I still love you bees . In spite of my obvious disfiguring allergy to bees I will always be your #1 fan. Let me be the wind beneath your teeny tiny hardworking wings.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankyou, Thankyou Very Much

Here is a picture of Nash as Alien Elvis ....you're welcome.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have seen and heard a lot of weird stuff today. The seen part is all hair related, actually fake hair related. Exhibit A the Gal ( I feel like my Glammom saying Gal - not that there is anything wrong with that) who watches the kids at the gym had crazy rows of extensions totally visible and I didn't know if that was an oops my slip is caught in my unders situation where I should alert her or if that was a fashion choice. I chose the latter and was grateful she wasn't busting out white after Labor Day.. Exhibit B an Older Lady ( think Golden Girls old not Desperate Housewives old-not that they are old or anything) in Wallymart had super short hair with a long dirty blonde clip on pony on the top of her head TOP of her head. Exhibit C a Rotund Man jogging ( who looked like Rodney Dangerfield may he rest in peace getting some much deserved respect) with very little light colored hair on the bottom and a bright orangeish toupee on top- like sitting right on top -like a bird resting on a prickly branch - get the visual? Then I see that this dude above thought it would be awesome to get a guy pooping shaved into his head. Now I give him points for moxie but execution and flair leave much to be desired.
On to heard weird stuff! Nash informed me that he is in fact part werewolf and has super speed with a dash of super strength ( Think shirt ripping guy from the Bachelorette now a fave on The Soup). Xander said that most people with his type of nose ( cute and button like) tend to have short stubby fingers - like his- who knew? All this weirdness in one day - when did I get sooo lucky?!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful Hands

I have 5 blessings and I can count them on one hand so I can never forget to be thankful. I don't usually forget how lucky I am but sometimes my fingers remind me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Thanksgiving an Elastic Waistband is your BFF

Tomorrow is the Big Feast and I happen to enjoy any holiday devoted to eating and thanking. We have our gingerbread houses ( more like dilapidated ramshackle huts) ready to decorate and each kid is stoked to lick and stick multitudes of stale and fresh candies to their graham clapboarded sides. I have two assignments one fully cooked moist and lovely 18.5 lb.turkey (tofurkeys need not apply) and a 20lb. vat of buttery delicious mashed potatoes ( pipe down potato buds we don't take kindly to you in these parts either). I can't decide on my attire sweat pants seem too obvious a choice and leggings a tad too constrictive. I wish I could come to my Gramma's in my trusty leopard and rose print muumuu and call it a day. However that may send the wrong message like I stopped taking my meds or I missed the bus to the next Bold and Beautiful Fan convention. I promise I will shower and wear deodorant and the whole shebang but if I have to explain my competitive -eating- beginning -amateur- noncompetitive- status as I dive head first into a beautifully crusted chocolate cream pie to my hard of listening familia again I think I may have to eat another whole pie to numb the pain(maybe there will be a coconut cream!!- a girl can dream....) Have a great Turkey Day chock full of Thanks and pie and rivers of gravy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sticky Sweet Baby

I love my sticky jelly filled crumb coated chocolate dipped praline spackled deep fried sugar glazed Baby Sloan.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Danger Man

This is my brave hubz Kevin taking on a wild and woolly mesquite tree a few months ago. It never had a chance. With brains and brawn he felled that Tower of Pisa so it could never again split in the wind and threaten our neighbors jerry-rigged sheds and tarps. (Seriously if you need any old McDonalds seating a full sized John Wayne poster ,giant stuffed parrots or various Corona/ Pabst Blue Ribbon memorabilia they will hook you up because they are nice and have TONS of crap-I mean treasures) Kevin bested that thorny beast and didn't kill himself or become paralyzed -which would have really gotten me grouchy- and I am glad to have such a handy handsome man around my house-seriously check out that booty!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down but not Out

This is me.... Well me if you add a broom , stinky sheets, kids homework , pile of laundry , scrubber for deep bathroom cleaning- I'm a deep cleaner!!bowl of ice cream ( I discovered that adding broken up lady fingers to it makes a cakey ice cream combo that Pee Wee once told me about at his Playhouse in the late 80's and I always dreamed of enjoying-DELISH!), couple hurt teeth , bum shoulder, and a healthy dose of Tivo'd Real and Desperate Housewives.Sorry I've been awol but I've been busy and neglecting my blog -sorry again blog .My clothes don't have nearly as many holes as hers and thankfully flip flops are readily available and I have sisters and friends and parents and a hubz and I bet she wishes she at least had Tivo. I'll blog again soon but only after I finsh cleaning out the fridge- I know I'm blowing your mind with my cleanliness is next to Godliness ways!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Adios Undead Amigos

Halloween was pretty much off the chizane this year cuz we threw 2 parties and attended 3 more !Then got to Trick orTreat in this tricked out ride that has 6 seats (comfortable with the latest stadium seating) and raked in alot of loot. We walked around my parents neighborhood and the kids loved being at the Glamparents, getting ready together and giving a few standing O's to some dedicated homeowners Ghoulish decorations( think body bags with severed limbs,smoke bubbles and giant spiders).I went as some form of crazy mumuu wearing lady sporting a fine unibrow and afro for effect. Kevin was a Chippendale at one party and a clown at another- don't worry I brought a few $$$ for the dancer-I am a good tipper! Xander was the Phantom of the Opera(red rose included) Nash was Elvis (pelvic thrust not optional) Remi as a dead Zombie Bride (eyes black as night!)Ava was a Pretty Princess( glitter and red lips) and Sloan was a Lady Bug. I am ready to say goodbye to the undead and hello to the actual dead (Pilgrims, Indians and nice fatty turkeys with stuffing) as we enter November. Farewell vampire rats, black widows,ghosts and costco sized drums of fake blood - you were all awesome!I am excited for Starbucks Hot chocolate and pumpkin pie and an occasional hoodie . ...I will miss my mumuu .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My secret Dream.....

I know what you are thinking 'That's a lot of neon swim caps!' my thoughts exactly. I am also thinking that my secret life long goal (not the one to host SNL)is to do a tri ( when you are cool and actually DO triathlons you call 'em tri's) is about to come to fruition.While I do not run unless being chased by a rabid dog or something and I do not swim long distances ( does water aerobics count?) and I currently don't even own a bike much less a road bike ( when you are cool and DO tri's you call it a road bike) I still think I can get my act together for the Malibu Tri next Sept . So I am going to do a few races between now and then to get ready. My first will be Dec.6th and then I am eyeing a 1/2 marathon in January. My feet hurt thinking about it because I seriously can barely run for 10 min. straight! Anyway I want to try and do this for my health and just to prove to myself that I can( In high school I used my powers of persuasion to get out of EVERY mile run cuz' running pretty much sucks) .So I am telling everyone so I can have some accountability and a few extra prayers cuz' I am scared!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sorry Blog, it was my fault..

Me and my peeps - lovin' us some monkey face Danny.

Chelsea and I sisters in love.

I haven't forgotten my promise to post a few pic's from the mostawesomestconcertever but if you want to view a few more and read about Chelsea's bra slingin' in excruciating detail ( also her best, most funny and possible wet pants inducing blog yet) click here http://livininthecopa.blogspot.com
My bloggin' has taken a back seat to my busy life recently 2 Halloween parties (adults only and costume NOT optional -I got my groove on Stella is not taking it back) 1 kid Halloween party,1 catering job,a 31st birthday -mine -yep' I'm legit' in my 30's now . No more 29-ish it's early thirties all the way for me! Blog kept tuggin' on my mind and now I'm back baby and dont worry little blog I won't forget you again...I'm sorry.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NKOTB for you and me

Last night the Heavens parted and I witnessed a miracle I never dreamed could happen! My beloved NKOTB ( New Kids On The Block for those of you woefully unfamiliar with the late 80's dream boats) reunited and put on the show of shows and the screaming thirty somethings couldn't get enough. We ( my 4 fab sisters and I) had fab seats on the floor in the middle and then ( half way through the show) out of nowhere the Kids got on a stage about 20 feet from us and performed a few choice songs! We convinced Chelsea ( lets face it she didn't need much convincing and she had the most no bra friendly outfit) to remove her red bra and chuck it at 'em -Devz tried and failed then Chels had to search the middle aged cankles of the audience for the crimson number. Just as soon as they popped up in the sea of estrogen they were gone and rushed passed Hilari and I as we touched ( grabbed,accosted, molested) each New Kid as they sped by . Heaven isn't too far away!Kelli danced the WHOLE time and we bonded with one another last night in a deep and profound way- like when you serve in a war or survive a natural disaster together. I have pictures - LOTS of pictures- Don't worry my pets you will get a glimpse of the mayhem and beauty of the show and it will make your mind Explode. Get the paper towels ready-its gonna get messy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Grass Isnt always Greener

I have been thinking this week about gratitude and being thankful for the challenges we get to have in this life. Sometimes I have felt some trials were almost insurmountable and then prayer,faith and time corrects my flawed thinking and voila the problem is gone or changed. Luckily it changes me too. I get to learn patience ,humility and meekness in a way I would not have without a little (or a lot of) struggling. Everyone has hard things to deal with and I guess just being grateful for the opportunity to grow ( sometimes I think I've grown enough!) is what I need to shoot for. No one has a perfect life or one without some stress.I have always heard that if everyone put their problems in a pile you'd pick up yours again.Like Kanye says " That that don't kill me can only make me stronger" sing it to me sweet Mr. West.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Remi is 6!!!

Happy Birthday Remi! She is a great little girl who is sensitive, kind and a little spunky.She is smart ,loves learning to read and is a great singer and organizer of her two littler sisters. She loves all things fashion and music related( she puts on cabaret performances pretty much everyday with Ava and Sloan).She can keep up with her big brothers but definitely enjoys being a girl.Remi is a good helper and a wonderful member of the fam'. We love our Remi !!! Have fun being 6!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nice Work if You Can Get It

A couple weekends ago the kids were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and couldn't go another minute without setting up a lemonade stand/work stand. The girls have been dying to set up shop with crystal light lemonade and service with a smile.The boys came up with the name 'Houdinis of Work' and a slogan "We make your Work/Labor Disappear"( don't even try to steal it it's totally copyrighted) . Flyer's were made and passed out and a few kind friends have already called them for odd jobs. Xander is drawing for .75$ a page and Nash said he can do all the heavy lifting because he is soooo strong. They are on their way to being able to buy the coveted Batman Lego game and become millionaires ( they've promised me an old convertible and Kevin a mansion house). Kevin made them a proper lemonade stand so no more Home Depot boxes will be harmed -
and the kids helped paint it and are sooo proud of their new business digs.Keep workin' kids- Momma needs a new pair of shoes!.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Stinky Kids Oh ,my!

Squinty eyes , sweaty foreheads and desert filled exhibits mean one thing-a trip to the Zoo. Hot sweaty fun was had by all even when the "free admission" to the Zoo turned out to be not so free. As the temp rose into the triple digits we saw beasties in all shapes and sizes and even visited Monkey Village where you couldn't touch anything because it was all 'marked' by the free range monkeys- it smelled marked too ( I love the smell of fresh monkey urine in the morning!).The Zoo was packed but my little animals didn't mind one bit they were happy and stinky and dusty! I think next time we'll wait till sweater weather to venture into the animal kingdom -only 2 more months to go- I cant wait, my hoodies are getting restless!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Thankyou for bein' a friend!

Ava and her bestie Maddy at our ward boating trip looking fine and havin' fun.Ava prays for Maddy every night and she talks about her all the time , ALL the time( I worry about her stalker tendencies) she just adores her little friend.It is sooo wonderful to have good people lovin' you!I would like to give a big shout out to kind good friends and fam' who do public and secret acts of service for us all the time. The Lord uses us as instruments for good and it can sometimes turn into a symphony of kind acts .Thankyou.We are truly blessed . Truly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Dad

I have a wonderful Father and I am always grateful for the love, humor and kindness that has helped him lead our family. I am also grateful that my kids get to have the same kind of Dad.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cheetah Part Dos

I swear this is the last Cheetah pic .... for awhile.It is just so cute I had to share it .Too Bad Tyra doesn't do a show for the 8 and under set.Xander is still workin' the Blue Steel- you go Zoolander wannabe.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Action Vest Revealed

A few questions have been raised about my sweet Nash's Action Vest.I will do my best to clear up the matter because of its important and pressing nature. Nash received the Action Vest when Glamma Fabulous made it for a cowboy costume when he was 1- 6 years ago. It was dubbed "Action Vest" because he likes to wear it when he does his ninja-karate-breakdance-secret agent moves and of course his gravity defying flips.He even brought it to church for his spotlight on Sunday . He has been known to sleep , eat and even wear it under other clothes (I put a kibosh on that one I assure you ) .He is also fond of a big black cheap cape that I sewed a little head hole in and he refers to it as his Mystery Cloak ( sometimes Devil Cloak or Dark Knight Cloak )and skulks around the house hiding and 'disappearing' into the walls to trick me. I 've gotta' hand it to the little dude cuz' a few times he really got me good. Watch out when the Cloak and Action Vest pair up it gets Crazy Up In Here!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blue Cheetah Steel

Friday Night Movie Night took a crazy turn a few weeks ago when during the world premiere of the Cheetah Girls 'One World' movie (I know you are sooo jealous)the kids busted out anything remotely animal print and gave us a fabulous fashion show. Notice Xanders Blue Steel and Nash in his infamous Action Vest.Ava and Remi were ravishing and cheetahrific in all their ensembles. It was a great night and another reason to love Friday Night Movie Night.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Planet of Ava

Yesterday my wonderful Aunt Mel watched the little girls so I could run a few errands and help at the big kids school without toting around my pink minions. I guess while I was gone they were joking and having fun when Ava said to her " Get off me you Dirty APE" Mel laughed and I am still slightly horrified that she said it to our sweet Aunt Mel and that she remembered our Planet of the Apes movie marathon awhile ago. Charlton Heston is totally appropriate for 3 year olds! Seriously though "Get yer' hands off me ya' damn dirty ape!" is one of the best lines of all time and isn't an education in classic film a pre-rec' for kindergarten?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Baby's Left Foot

Before our feet are ruined by walking and being crammed into shoes they look like sweet Sloans.All peachy and perfectly perfect.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watch Out Big Daddy!

This weekend the boy cousins got to have some manly bonding time with Grampa Fabulous and the girls and I had some Lady Time. On our way back from dropping them off Remi said "Hey Mommy we are all girls in the car! It's a GIRL TRAP! Where's Daddy?" I said at work and that he'd be home in awhile then she replied " Daddy better watch out we are going to destroy him!" Luckily no one was destroyed and after movie night Remi and Kevin had a camp out in the living room and Ava and I had a snugglefest in my cozy bed- couch sleepin' doesn't thrill me like it once did. Today after the girls gave each other 'makeovers'-I had two very freaky lookin' girls on my hands...think Heath Ledger as Joker- we went to the dollar store and the girls thought they were in heaven picking out the perfect one dollah' prize .Up and down the aisles we went with every suggestion I made shot down - it was a good prep for me for future teenage clothes shopping- until a suitable pink hair covered head band and castle shaped makeup kit was found.After baths this evening we had a beauty parlor and I gave some wicked mani pedis to ALL the little ladies.( P.S. 1 yr.olds have a hard time getting toe polish on just their toes) The boys came home worn out by fun and it was good times all around! How was your weekend?

Boys + Grampa = Awesomeness

Friday, August 29, 2008

Viva Lucha!

Maybe you dont know this but I L O V E love the fab Mexican fighting masks. Lucha Libre...ahhhh the theatrical show of strength, the pagentry of it all, the boudless amounts of churros I am sure they sell at the matches. I found american fake wrestling when I was a young babysitter and nothing else was on basic cable at 11:00 on a Saturday night ( that was BEFORE I discovered the awesomeness of SNL -another story-and TBS movie marathons) I enjoyed Macho Man , Ultimate Warrior and of course Hulk Hogan- love me some bright yellow feather boas- and I didnt think any thing else could compare but the Masks of our resourceful neighbors to the south won me over. A few years ago my Glam Mom and sisters and I went on a little cruise to Mexico and all my pesos were spent on Masks. I found baby sized ,fringed, furry,and pleather beauties and now my costume obsessed kids and I can revel in their coolness.I also adore any sport that gets a costume (dodgeball ,rollerderby or ballet anyone?) and I think we should bring back the fancy swim caps of yesteryear ( Esther Williams was soo glamorous). Wrestling with a costume always looks cool even if its lame.Ava and Nash rock the Masks too.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bathing Beauties

I love just bathed tangle free girls who smell like soap and look shiny and squeaky clean.Fresh out of the tub into jams and jump right into a book then bed(hopefully with some teeth brushing mixed in). What could be better?

Saturday, August 23, 2008


A couple of weeks ago we went to the drive in and saw two lame-ish kids movies Meet Dave ( talking about the career choices of Eddie Murphy is another blahg entirely) and Chimps in Space ( it was about chimps in space). The misquitos were rampant and the heat didnt die down till the 2nd movie but it was till alot of fun.(I should add that we didnt get home till 12:30 am and our church starts at 9:00 am so do the math- life hangovers were had by all ) I remember going to the drive in when I was little pilling in the car with tons of blankets and homemade popcorn and having a blast . So I would like to give a shout out to my Mommie Fabulous for taking us to the drive in and doing a million other things that encouraged us to have fun as a family and bring us closer together. Thanks to an awesome Mom who made everything FUN!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Personal Space

Firstly - check out my cute #1 and #4 - Secondly I would like to say that most people have phobias ,quirks, and or a general dislike for face grease swapping that may make a face to face smoosh like this uncomfortable.I don't think that idiosyncrasy shows itself in children until at least the tween years. My kids like to be ALL up in my bidness' . We live in a constant smoosh fest. I have a few kids who would like nothing more than to press their whole body against mine for a full night of sweaty sleepy time. One daughter thinks secret telling means holding your whole face and breathing heavily into your ear( I know a couple different names for that). I guess it doesn't really bug me except when I need good sleep or a little bit of a flesh pressing break. They aren't always going to want to be all over my lap or to have me rub their back or tell me elaborate reasons why the jokers minions should have jackets of a different shade of purple.I need to embrace ( literally and figuratively ) the chances I've got to pile all together on the couch and force them to watch old movies, have scared half asleep kids suffocate me in my sleep and hug it out when they are grouchy at me for any reason at all. Personal Space Shmershonal Space

Friday, August 15, 2008

It was the Best of Times it was the Worst of Times....

Today is our 10 year anniversary. A decade that has literally flown by. Yesterday I was thinkin' about how much we have changed how much our lives have changed and I felt so happy that we have 5 kids 2 small businesses and still manage to dig eachother.I was thinking all of this when I heard a frantic yell from the other side of the house.I ran to assess the damage and saw Xander having a puke fest in the bathroom while trying desperately to keep the baby out of it. We got the scene of the crime under control and then I called Kevin to share the news and he couldn't chat it up cuz' the bathroom he was remodeling was being grouted ( Ya' know time sensitive) .Anyway, I was cleaning vomit out of tile and grout while he was laying tile and grout ( Alanis might say this is ironic) . I thought how Lucky I am to have a partner in this life who works hard along side me for the good of our family.Lucky to have a honest righteous man who loves me and loves and respects our children and who is ambitious and wants us to succeed . Lucky to have a man who will wear most any costume I assign him and bust out his world famous worm dance if the mood strikes. I am Lucky to to have someone who will apologize when he needs to and wants me to be happy. I say I am Lucky but I also realize that Luck is only a small part of the equation cuz' 10 years ago we picked eachother and everything that went along with it. We decided to be married, to have our wonderful kids and to live according to the will our Heavenly Father. No matter what good or bad the future holds for us I am grateful to have Kevin to share it with. 10 years down and an Eternity to go Yeah for Us!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

School is Cool !

This is the best back to school shot we got this year, 3 kids looking at the camera 1 looking off to the side and 1 looking at something much more interesting seems to be as good as it's gonna get. The kids were filled with same mixed feelings I've been having.Xander misses his 2nd grade super fun teacher and the 3rd grade is gettin down to business time so he's missing the freedom and coloring homework of his youth.Nash misses me ALOT - he's a tender heart and has a hard time with change but he digs his teacher so I'm sure it'll be fine.Remi is very excited to be a kindergardener but kinda' forgot what it was like to be gone all day .Ava LOVES everything about preschool and just wants more of it. Sloan and I have had to adjust to the new schedule and it was fun to play with just her for a few hours today.So the first week back is almost over but its full steam ahead for another year of homework , book fairs , playdates and half eaten lunches hooray!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Adios mis Amigos!

I guess SOMEONE is sad (that's a sad face isnt it?)that her big brothers and sisters are about to end their summer-o-fun and head back to their 9 to 3 day jobs -elementary school( and Ava is pickin' up a preschool shift-she does it strictly for the discounts). I would echo that sentiment whole heartedly if it wasn't peppered with a teeny tiny bit of WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! lets face it we can only go to the movies and swim and play on the computer and Wii till our eyes bleed for so long . So we have 3 days left of Summer 08' and I'm crying and enthusiastically jumping up and down at the same time.