A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It was the Best of Times it was the Worst of Times....

Today is our 10 year anniversary. A decade that has literally flown by. Yesterday I was thinkin' about how much we have changed how much our lives have changed and I felt so happy that we have 5 kids 2 small businesses and still manage to dig eachother.I was thinking all of this when I heard a frantic yell from the other side of the house.I ran to assess the damage and saw Xander having a puke fest in the bathroom while trying desperately to keep the baby out of it. We got the scene of the crime under control and then I called Kevin to share the news and he couldn't chat it up cuz' the bathroom he was remodeling was being grouted ( Ya' know time sensitive) .Anyway, I was cleaning vomit out of tile and grout while he was laying tile and grout ( Alanis might say this is ironic) . I thought how Lucky I am to have a partner in this life who works hard along side me for the good of our family.Lucky to have a honest righteous man who loves me and loves and respects our children and who is ambitious and wants us to succeed . Lucky to have a man who will wear most any costume I assign him and bust out his world famous worm dance if the mood strikes. I am Lucky to to have someone who will apologize when he needs to and wants me to be happy. I say I am Lucky but I also realize that Luck is only a small part of the equation cuz' 10 years ago we picked eachother and everything that went along with it. We decided to be married, to have our wonderful kids and to live according to the will our Heavenly Father. No matter what good or bad the future holds for us I am grateful to have Kevin to share it with. 10 years down and an Eternity to go Yeah for Us!!!!