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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Idiot Savant Gardening 101

Check out my Wicked Garden ! I know what you are thinking WOW who's Man Hands are those?!? Well my freinds I have been blessed with many things not the least of which are my Enormous
Man Hands -Yep,I can crack a lobster in half in 2 seconds Flat! Dont even get me started on how many finger bends and finger crunches I can do ( I dont want anyone to feel bad but I will say that its between 50 and 100). I digress, my new love is gardening .(We are still in the beginning stages of our Romance so pardon me for gushing !)Its great to be outside,watch things change and grow and to maintain and eventually reap the harvest. I always thought I would LIKE it but I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! (Sorry Hubz, its not platonic anymore)I really know very little about gardening so I kind of guessed about how to do it and sometimes I would ask my Dad who is my gardenin' sensei . The tomatoes are huge and the zuchini is lush with yellow blossoms.A few green beans are starting to show as well as a banana pepper and dark green spinach . Next year I will have a better plan -more efficient use of space and water and I would like to start composting. My Manly Man Hands are very helpful in the weed erradicating department and I can use cheap child labor if needs be ( why else would I have 5 kids?) My Dad gets all the credit for building the garden and having several successful seasons under his belt -but I am very excited to find more ripe veggies as the summer goes on.