A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful Hands

I have 5 blessings and I can count them on one hand so I can never forget to be thankful. I don't usually forget how lucky I am but sometimes my fingers remind me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Thanksgiving an Elastic Waistband is your BFF

Tomorrow is the Big Feast and I happen to enjoy any holiday devoted to eating and thanking. We have our gingerbread houses ( more like dilapidated ramshackle huts) ready to decorate and each kid is stoked to lick and stick multitudes of stale and fresh candies to their graham clapboarded sides. I have two assignments one fully cooked moist and lovely 18.5 lb.turkey (tofurkeys need not apply) and a 20lb. vat of buttery delicious mashed potatoes ( pipe down potato buds we don't take kindly to you in these parts either). I can't decide on my attire sweat pants seem too obvious a choice and leggings a tad too constrictive. I wish I could come to my Gramma's in my trusty leopard and rose print muumuu and call it a day. However that may send the wrong message like I stopped taking my meds or I missed the bus to the next Bold and Beautiful Fan convention. I promise I will shower and wear deodorant and the whole shebang but if I have to explain my competitive -eating- beginning -amateur- noncompetitive- status as I dive head first into a beautifully crusted chocolate cream pie to my hard of listening familia again I think I may have to eat another whole pie to numb the pain(maybe there will be a coconut cream!!- a girl can dream....) Have a great Turkey Day chock full of Thanks and pie and rivers of gravy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sticky Sweet Baby

I love my sticky jelly filled crumb coated chocolate dipped praline spackled deep fried sugar glazed Baby Sloan.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Danger Man

This is my brave hubz Kevin taking on a wild and woolly mesquite tree a few months ago. It never had a chance. With brains and brawn he felled that Tower of Pisa so it could never again split in the wind and threaten our neighbors jerry-rigged sheds and tarps. (Seriously if you need any old McDonalds seating a full sized John Wayne poster ,giant stuffed parrots or various Corona/ Pabst Blue Ribbon memorabilia they will hook you up because they are nice and have TONS of crap-I mean treasures) Kevin bested that thorny beast and didn't kill himself or become paralyzed -which would have really gotten me grouchy- and I am glad to have such a handy handsome man around my house-seriously check out that booty!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down but not Out

This is me.... Well me if you add a broom , stinky sheets, kids homework , pile of laundry , scrubber for deep bathroom cleaning- I'm a deep cleaner!!bowl of ice cream ( I discovered that adding broken up lady fingers to it makes a cakey ice cream combo that Pee Wee once told me about at his Playhouse in the late 80's and I always dreamed of enjoying-DELISH!), couple hurt teeth , bum shoulder, and a healthy dose of Tivo'd Real and Desperate Housewives.Sorry I've been awol but I've been busy and neglecting my blog -sorry again blog .My clothes don't have nearly as many holes as hers and thankfully flip flops are readily available and I have sisters and friends and parents and a hubz and I bet she wishes she at least had Tivo. I'll blog again soon but only after I finsh cleaning out the fridge- I know I'm blowing your mind with my cleanliness is next to Godliness ways!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Adios Undead Amigos

Halloween was pretty much off the chizane this year cuz we threw 2 parties and attended 3 more !Then got to Trick orTreat in this tricked out ride that has 6 seats (comfortable with the latest stadium seating) and raked in alot of loot. We walked around my parents neighborhood and the kids loved being at the Glamparents, getting ready together and giving a few standing O's to some dedicated homeowners Ghoulish decorations( think body bags with severed limbs,smoke bubbles and giant spiders).I went as some form of crazy mumuu wearing lady sporting a fine unibrow and afro for effect. Kevin was a Chippendale at one party and a clown at another- don't worry I brought a few $$$ for the dancer-I am a good tipper! Xander was the Phantom of the Opera(red rose included) Nash was Elvis (pelvic thrust not optional) Remi as a dead Zombie Bride (eyes black as night!)Ava was a Pretty Princess( glitter and red lips) and Sloan was a Lady Bug. I am ready to say goodbye to the undead and hello to the actual dead (Pilgrims, Indians and nice fatty turkeys with stuffing) as we enter November. Farewell vampire rats, black widows,ghosts and costco sized drums of fake blood - you were all awesome!I am excited for Starbucks Hot chocolate and pumpkin pie and an occasional hoodie . ...I will miss my mumuu .