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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Man and the Mystery

My love for Mr. Smalley is pretty much unmatched and his encouraging mantra " Im Good enough Im Smart enough and Dogonit People Like Me" is like a beacon in the night.I have been known to repeat it when I need a little confidence boost.We share common foibles such as bad haircuts ( I just took the shears to my own locks and it aint pretty ) and emotional eating ( happy or sad Haggen Daz never lets me down ) and sometimes doubting ourselves . From his sunny sweaters down to his maniacal grin I knew we'd be forever Besties since the first time I stayed up late on a Saturday night and saw that mirror loving man. Thankyou Stuart for giving a voice to that scared little child in all of us and for making a highly underrated film ( much like my other dear friend Pat) which is a cinematic therapy session.

Now give yer' self a group hug!