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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ants in yer' pants DO NOT make you do a Boogie Dance!

More Reasons Not to like Ants

  1. They ruin perfectly good food that has been on the ground even if you invoke the 5 second rule.
  2. They sneak in where ever they want cuz' they are so tiny.
  3. Sometimes they watch you .
  4. Super Ant strength makes all the other insects crazy jealous.
  5. If you have several children who sneak granola bars into your room and eat them ON your bed and let granola goodness fall between the mattress and the wall and down under the bed frame making a pile of ant delicacies -Ants think they can saunter in and chow down !-then search all over the TOP of your bed for more treats when you are sleeping and masticate on your corpse like body ,chillin' in slumber town you scream cuz' big fatty ant kisses are growing into welts the size of a winebago and wakin you up from a perfectly deep sleep !So #5 is that Ants dont have manners and invite themselves over for dinner whenever they feel like it! Oh, and they dont bring a Hostess Gift!