A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eating Disorder ala Sloan

I am concerned for my little Sloan because she has taken to eating things in secret.The other day I found her under the kitchen table enjoying a deliciously ripe peach -alone and without a napkin ,plate or anything! I think she may need an intervention ( isnt hiding or sneaking around with your food the first sign ?). Granted the girl can't talk yet , just barely learned to walk and is is unable to reach any type of kitchen implement to help make her devouring of the peach less tribal - but I'm a bit worried. When I tried to take the peach carcass away from her she threw herself on the floor and cried then tried to stumble off with its juicy goodness.... if that's not denial I dont know what is.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to Barter Town!

This entry is not about my eternal love for my 'Proud Mary' Miss Tina(and Oprah Bestie), or about how much I once adored the charismatic Mel but how his mug shot and drunken rants have tarnished his glow a bit. It isnt even about how much I love the 3rd installment of the fab Mad Max movies ( remember the feral children ,the little dude on the shoulders of the big masked guy, the THUNDERDOME for heavens sake!) . Nope its about my new found love of haggeling ( negotiating a lower price) or bartering ( trading crap you dont want for good stuff). I was still pretty much embarrassed to do it but I saw an expose' about it ( Geraldo was no where to be seen ) and I thought I'd give it a try . Well, at WallyMart I got the customer service guy to sell me a pretty crepe paper bouquet from Martha Stewart for 90% off cuz the box was a little smooshed . To be honest I was just messin' with the man but he went for it so I've thrown caution ( and self respect..... dignity left in April) to the wind and will now be asking for a finders fee for milk and eggs and playing lets make a deal for basic t's at the Gap. In highschool we would always ask for free 'tasting fries ' at Mc D's and for some reason that always worked so Im goin' back to my roots and will trade a hug for a creme filled Dunkin Donut if that counts as bartering.
Watch Out World Bartering Brooke is here to stay!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jealous Much ?

See this gang of rough necks from the mean streets of Bahstan (gratutitous accent) guess who gets to revel in all their glory and bask in the sunshine that is New Kids On The Block ?!? Yep' its me and my 4 sistah' who will all enjoy a little 'Please don't go Girl' and you know I won't be able to sit still when the 'Oh Oh OHH OOhOOOH The Right Stuff ' comes blaring out of their collective mouth . I cant wait till October ! Its gonna be Amazing! Sorry to make you green with envy if ya' cant go - I promise to try to get a lock of Joeys hair.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leia Jr.

Remi requested this classic 'do in honor of Princess Leia .I was grateful she didnt want the Jabba the Hut .Lets face it Carrie Fisher was a gun slingin' princess hottie! I think it turned out pretty cute -dont you?

Cousins Gotta Hug!

Xander and Blue a Dynamic Duo.
These two have a love for all things Super Hero and an unflinching resolve to be best buddies forever.This pair likes to draw, play sports and think of ways to get my sister and I to let them spend the night. They have already planned to be roomies in college and enjoy manly times hiking and playing together.Blue is a gifted chess player and QB and Xander is an amazing artist and has a love for football as well . They are each lucky to have such a devoted wing man.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I guess Sloan was " Ready for my Closeup Mr Demille " when I snapped this shot of our rowdy little one year old! She has taken to walking like a competitive eater to hot wings -dove right in and barely chews. She is into EVERYTHING and loves to swim and dance and clap and talk and talk and talk. We all love our little Sloaney Balogna who smells like Macaroni and eats Chicarones! Hooray for our wonderful little girl!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Man and the Mystery

My love for Mr. Smalley is pretty much unmatched and his encouraging mantra " Im Good enough Im Smart enough and Dogonit People Like Me" is like a beacon in the night.I have been known to repeat it when I need a little confidence boost.We share common foibles such as bad haircuts ( I just took the shears to my own locks and it aint pretty ) and emotional eating ( happy or sad Haggen Daz never lets me down ) and sometimes doubting ourselves . From his sunny sweaters down to his maniacal grin I knew we'd be forever Besties since the first time I stayed up late on a Saturday night and saw that mirror loving man. Thankyou Stuart for giving a voice to that scared little child in all of us and for making a highly underrated film ( much like my other dear friend Pat) which is a cinematic therapy session.

Now give yer' self a group hug!