A Life full of fun, five wonderful kids,cute husband, amazing family,and a catering business as the cherry on top!

Friday, May 30, 2008

All Aboard ....

P.S Ive got a cute and funny 3 year old who will sit while I braid her hair -Which she has stopped trimming herself (I think she wants to look like Miley Cyrus -is that good or bad?) so the mullet train has thankfully left the station.Unfortunately the makeup wearing bra wanting one has arrived.Heaven help me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nash is A Poser

Nash is a wonderful little man! He is full of energy and enthusiasm!Nash is a great brother and is a very hard worker and has a huge desire to learn and try new things .Nash is an amazing athlete and future break dancer and gymnast.I can always count on him for a good squeezey hug and he also digs posing when its time for a picture! Here are a few classics from his diverse repetoire. I love my Kung Fu Nasher.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Check out my bathing beauties.Nothing is better than 3 cute girls who are happy and clean.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Props to the PoPo

So I came home tonight to find my front door WIDE open and I couldnt remember if I had locked the door or not( I have been burglarized 2 times and attempted once before so I know to leave the investigating to the pros ) I called 911 and sent the kids across the street and waited for them to come. 2 officers checked out the house and we decided that it was all my fault and nary a bad guy could be found. Phew...So after I explained to the officers that a bad guy must have snuck in and left a Mount Everest of laundry on the couch and a few dirty dishes on the sink and of course it was a bad guy that decided to dump out the whole Tub -o -Barbies so he could find that perfect evening dress for a date with Ken I realized something - I should clean my house as if a policeman was going to have to search it ! I always thought you keep a home clean because order and cleanliness is next to godliness and it promotes a happy home but knowing the PoPo may have to check out yer' skivies drawer gives it a whole new sense of urgency. This was the 3rd time I' ve had to call the police and have them check out my crib and each time I wished I would have wiped or swept something before they came. Now to say that cleaning is not my strong suit would be more than accurate ( I'm much more naturally inclined to do ANYTHING else-dental work seems better sometimes) but I have been really trying to keep everything tidy.This experience just reminded me to keep on keepin' on in my efforts to be a cleanin super star. So I say Thankyou to the fine men and women in blue who serve , protect and help to inspire us to mop more often.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Take that Suri !

Baby Sloan .Super Amazingly Awesome and Darling.Happiest and most Fun Baby Ever and dont let Tom and Katie tell ya any different.

Friday, May 23, 2008

8th Wonder of the World anyone?

I am not a huge fan of baseball caps (ya' know hat hair and everything) but my love of the afro lead me like a dying man searching for an oasis in a dry dry desert to this fab pic.I think it takes hat hair to an all new level.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Wild and Crazy Guys!

What does this picture say to you? Brotherly Love?
Pants impaired ?
Sunglasses inside are wayyy cooler than sunglasses outside?
I just see two brothers-in-law lookin for a good time and an excuse to hike up their easy shorts.
Long live Presto Jones and Kevalina.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cool Beans

I How do you know if you truly love something? Well, you set it free and if it comes back then you know it was meant to be. Thats exactly how I feel about the masterpiece that is HOT ROD. I have not seen it since that amazing night at the theaters and recently I fell head over heels all over again.(Cinematic Masterpiece is the only way to describe this film by the way )If you dont adore this movie its ok because not everyone gets a punch dancing,animal loving, stunt attempting , step-dad fighting , super awesome soul mate like me.

Roller Derby!

Look at those kids hanging on for dear life yet still manage to crack a smile.

Flare nose.

Just call me Doctor Cool Roller MD.

Seriously,someone call a Doctor!

It is VERY hard to take pictures when you have skates on that are 2 sizes too small AND you have to stay next to the baby strapped in the stroller AND you are a pretty lame skater AND none of your 4 kids skating can skate very well either. Good thing it was still fun!


Maybe when my secret dream to be a Roller Derby Queen and call myself 'Big Assets' is realized these guys could be my cheerleaders (wear little dollar sign inspired outfits and we could dye their hair green -and I could have fishnets with fake money poking out of some of the holes )I dont even want to tell how well I ve thought this through but I will say that my whole outfit is pretty much planned .Now all I need to do is learn how to actually skate! Oprah says to dream big.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Be it Winter, Spring ,Summer or Fall

I Love the Afro above all.

Thankyou Afro for bringing a bit of joy into this humdrum world.

Afro, will you marry me?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Idiot Savant Gardening 101

Check out my Wicked Garden ! I know what you are thinking WOW who's Man Hands are those?!? Well my freinds I have been blessed with many things not the least of which are my Enormous
Man Hands -Yep,I can crack a lobster in half in 2 seconds Flat! Dont even get me started on how many finger bends and finger crunches I can do ( I dont want anyone to feel bad but I will say that its between 50 and 100). I digress, my new love is gardening .(We are still in the beginning stages of our Romance so pardon me for gushing !)Its great to be outside,watch things change and grow and to maintain and eventually reap the harvest. I always thought I would LIKE it but I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! (Sorry Hubz, its not platonic anymore)I really know very little about gardening so I kind of guessed about how to do it and sometimes I would ask my Dad who is my gardenin' sensei . The tomatoes are huge and the zuchini is lush with yellow blossoms.A few green beans are starting to show as well as a banana pepper and dark green spinach . Next year I will have a better plan -more efficient use of space and water and I would like to start composting. My Manly Man Hands are very helpful in the weed erradicating department and I can use cheap child labor if needs be ( why else would I have 5 kids?) My Dad gets all the credit for building the garden and having several successful seasons under his belt -but I am very excited to find more ripe veggies as the summer goes on.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Family that Sings Together.....

Mothers Day was yesterday and it was pretty chill and pretty great! My kids and Hubz and I all sang in sacrament meeting ( Kevin was nervous but tried very hard to learn his part and help the kids sing and never once complained -even though I totaly make him do it- and we all sang pretty well together ( Baby Sloan even helped 'sing' from the pews) and my goal was met - we started and ended together .My Mom and Gramma Great came to watch the kids stood still and didnt fight or fidget during the song ( a real concern of mine). Everyone looked nice and cute( but I did notice in primary that Nash had on blue soccer socks instead of black church socks-beggars cant be choosers).I wore the cool charm necklace my uber talented mother made for me and my sisters for Christmas(it has pics of my kids ,parents wedding ,my wedding ,sister pic and other charms too) and Ava kept askin' who's pic was on each charm and totaly playin' with it while I was singing my little solo part. Oh Well, The show must go on! We trudged through and it was very sweet to do that with my good Hubz and sweet kids. I felt very fortunate to sing with them and to help invite the spirit of motherhood and family to the meeting.Honestly, I am amazed daily at what smart and funny kids they are and greatful for a Hubz that still thinks I am the bees knees . I also need to give a shout out to my wonderful Mother who has always been SuperWoman to me. She has boundless talents, beauty beyond compare and a very generous and kind heart.I hope I can be half as cool as she is one day!Momma Fabulous I Love You!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ants in yer' pants DO NOT make you do a Boogie Dance!

More Reasons Not to like Ants

  1. They ruin perfectly good food that has been on the ground even if you invoke the 5 second rule.
  2. They sneak in where ever they want cuz' they are so tiny.
  3. Sometimes they watch you .
  4. Super Ant strength makes all the other insects crazy jealous.
  5. If you have several children who sneak granola bars into your room and eat them ON your bed and let granola goodness fall between the mattress and the wall and down under the bed frame making a pile of ant delicacies -Ants think they can saunter in and chow down !-then search all over the TOP of your bed for more treats when you are sleeping and masticate on your corpse like body ,chillin' in slumber town you scream cuz' big fatty ant kisses are growing into welts the size of a winebago and wakin you up from a perfectly deep sleep !So #5 is that Ants dont have manners and invite themselves over for dinner whenever they feel like it! Oh, and they dont bring a Hostess Gift!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crack Kills

I always tell my angelic daughter Ava to Say No to Crack but sometimes kids want to find out the hard way.Good luck in crack rehab I'll visit and bring cookies.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Those Were the Days...

Remember when David Hasselhoff was beloved in Germany AND the USA ? Remember when Kit was his best friend Not a Double Double and a quart of Jack Daniels? Remember when Gary Coleman was askin Willis what he was talkin about and NOT appearing on Divorce Court with a woman he met on the set of Church Ball ( I've seen it and the best thing about that movie is my favorite guy Fred Willard-he's hilarious as always).Oh, and they were arguing about if they did or did'nt consumate their marriage( I wasnt aware that a grey area existed where that is concerned) and about how he throws temper tantrums.

Lets harken back to a simpler time when Arnold just needed a hug from Mrs. Garret and The Hoff had a bright musical future not just shirts that say "Dont Hassel The Hoff"(Genius by the way) . This has been a cautionary post about the dangers of childhood stardom and slow motion running . Consider yourself warned.

Some Pictures so my sweet little Cherubs will stop Buggin me about it!

Here are a few pic's to satisfy my dear ones cuz they are dying for me to be a better blog lady -so kids I love ya and here ya go!

Cinco De Mayo

Its A Beautiful Day Here in Az and its also Cinco De Mayo a time to Partay ! I was thinkin about my fiesta menu for dinner and realized that I have pretty much NO IDEA why the fifth day of the fifth month is Muy Bien for our neighbords to the south! I saw a peice on the news about its meaning and several people of different ethnicities were asked and no one knew either.Hilari called and offered a fiesta for me and the bambinos and so I guess Im off the hook for makin' an entire fiesta myself - I just need to whip up some salsa and bust out the queso - thank heavens for Hilari! I have since given up on tryin to figure out the true meaning of Cinco De Mayo ( It cant be as cool as Christmas or Groundhog day) and I guess Im a person that will take a party for any reason whatsoever!I always like an excuse to boogie down !