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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sugarz' for Suckaz'

It has been 2 weeks without a treat (Devan and I made these to pass out at Christmas and because it was a fruit based treat I gobbled up wayyy more than my fair share) and although late at night (like right now ) or in the afternoon I sometimes feel like I would sell my firstborn for a Snickers ( sorry Xander there are a few non-perks as the eldest child) it has been ok so far... ok and merging into the not so bad lane. Deciding to do it and not worrying about what I would miss out on (Valentines candy,Sunday night dessert, and my Grandmas hot Devils food cake with warm 7 minute frosting at Devan and Ashtons showers to name a few) was the first giant step the rest has been, as the great and timeless Bill Murray sez', Baby Steps. Baby steps around the frozen section so the gravitational pull of some poor-me-I-need-a-treat-ice cream doesn't suck me in .Baby steppin through the candy/cookie aisle where the Bermuda Triangle of Oreo Rocher and Mint Milanos make me feel dizzy and clammy. Baby steps pass the kitchen where chocolate chips are waiting to be turned into pizzookies and milk begs me for some Hershey's. I don't want to go through my life where my stress and mood dictate how I treat my body. I have a whole truckload of big daddy stress right now-(who doesn't Einstein) but by being proactive (the verb not the skincare line-though I hear it works wonders) maybe I can manage everything and not gain a million more pounds maybe even lose a few .Hilari and I are doing this sugar break challenge until the end of April-her 30th Bday -so it is wonderful to have a 'sugar sponsor' to talk me down from the rice krispie ledge- and as the days go by I find I need less hand holding which is empowering and my body does seem to feel better. I feel 100% certain that I can make it the next 12 weeks -bold and brash you say , well that's how I roll - but not cinnamon roll .