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Friday, July 31, 2009

Simple Gifts

It takes a lot of dedication to paint yourself white and stand like a Greek statue hoping someone will drop a $20 in your top hat/collection bucket. The makeup has to be itchy and the box can't be comfortable- let alone the ' is that a real statue' comment has to get a little old. They do persevere and keep the fourth wall intact as the lowly street performer tries to make rent and elevate his art. On our last So. Cal visit we ran into these tenacious artists and watched as they freaked out and eventually charmed the kids. I also had the pleasure of watching two men ( one silver and one gold- like the girl scout song) smoking cigarettes argue about who was going to pick up some dropped equipment from their performance spot. It was hilarious . Two middle aged men ,overweight, dressed in all metallic ( even lipstick) playing chicken with a speaker. Thank you, Santa Monica. Thank you, Pasadena . You made the drive and numerous potty breaks worth it , I would give you a $20 - if I didn't give it to you already.