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Monday, June 22, 2009


Drop the balloons and toss the confetti ! It's my 100th post!!!! If only this post mean t I would get syndicated like sitcoms with 100 shows then I would be on easy street!!! Alas , that is not my fortune but I thought I would do a little catch up on the kids for the 100th Postapaloooza :

  • Xander is all about his ' dress for success' style mantra and pretty much only wears button downs and ties ( bow ties preferably) but with an edgy twist ( think Jonas style not CPA) and loved the Boy Scout Camp he and Nash went to and is dreaming of big kid scouts.

  • Nash is a man on a mission to get a pocket knife, get baptised ,shoot bee bee guns, and someday enjoy his dream profession as an assassin or trained killer ( he and cousin Slade will share an apartment along with the career) . His style is not as defined but the cloak and fur poncho still make frequent appearances.

  • Remi is fancying herself an Olympic hopeful and LOVES swim and dive team. She is also missing school a little bit so she creates a classroom in the front hall pretty regularly. She is looking like a little lady-help!

  • Ava is remembering how to swim in her lessons and digs playing with the big kids at swim and dive everymorningmondaythruthursdayatthehorribletimeof7:35till10:35 - not that I mind.... and is a sassy and sweet mix -she's like most Asian food a perfect mix of both.

  • Sloan has a death wish . She is trying to get herself killed. If it isn't jumping into pools it's running out doors or like this morning escaping from me and bolting for the escalator at Dillard's ( running shoes were required and thankfully ON) as we raced after her. She is a beautiful hazel eyed ball of trouble and we all adore her and she knows it.

  • Kevin is working hard and hoping for more good projects to pan out any one wanna build a house or remodel I know an excellent and anal contractor! I am grateful for a catering filled last couple of weeks and the excitement of a Mediterranean cruise with my OG , Mom and Hilari- It will be AWESOME! now working on fitting into my 'resort wear' ..hmm. The kids are healthy and pretty busy with swim and dive which keeps me busy for the next few weeks . I am thankful for wonderful family and friends and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life- really it doesn't get any better than this!