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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She'll Git 'Er

My Grampa Smith came up with the phrase "She'll Git' 'Er " -it means yer kids (you can put in a They or He'll if ya need to ) will basically trash all yer' stuff and alot of theirs too. Well I found this doll ( who's headed for the Island of Misfit Toys ) and no one knows how she met her untimely demise. How convenient. I was raised to value people and relationships in infinitely higher esteem than things and I ( like Neil Diamond the Master Himself ) am a Believer. Yesterday that was put to the test when Remi was taking a pic' of the baby starting to walk (3 to 4 steps mind you!) and tripped over my bro -in -law's ( really just Bro) foot and wrecked our camera. Its a pretty nice camera and I am constantly taking pics so it was kind of a big bummer . Remi's big blue eyes instantly filled with tears and I know her tender heart was breaking. I just told her that I knew it was an accident and not to worry and that a little corporal punishment could pay off her debt to the family- no seriously I said we all have accidents and its ok -she did'nt need to worry. I am truly sad cuz we are goin on a vacay soon and excited about the photo op's - but que sera sera cameras and dolls come and go but we are stuck with our sweet little kids forever.
Ps . The little doll had a dignified and touching funeral-in lieu of flowers send checks to me for the camera fund.