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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Action Vest Revealed

A few questions have been raised about my sweet Nash's Action Vest.I will do my best to clear up the matter because of its important and pressing nature. Nash received the Action Vest when Glamma Fabulous made it for a cowboy costume when he was 1- 6 years ago. It was dubbed "Action Vest" because he likes to wear it when he does his ninja-karate-breakdance-secret agent moves and of course his gravity defying flips.He even brought it to church for his spotlight on Sunday . He has been known to sleep , eat and even wear it under other clothes (I put a kibosh on that one I assure you ) .He is also fond of a big black cheap cape that I sewed a little head hole in and he refers to it as his Mystery Cloak ( sometimes Devil Cloak or Dark Knight Cloak )and skulks around the house hiding and 'disappearing' into the walls to trick me. I 've gotta' hand it to the little dude cuz' a few times he really got me good. Watch out when the Cloak and Action Vest pair up it gets Crazy Up In Here!