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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Garge Sale of the Century

About a month ago Hilari and I rallied the troops and had "The Best Garage Sale On Earth" -well that's what we told all our customers. We had tons of stuff and Hilari had piles and piles of boys clothes and mens clothes she snuck outa Jason side of the closet. I didn't have all that much to offer up because even though my cleaning prowess is similar to Roseanne Connors ( that was her last name on the show but we all know it should have been Barr cuz it was basically an autobiography even with weird DJ in the mix) I am pretty good at getting rid of stuff I don't need - not perfect but I say 84% good.Even though my merch ( in the biz you call merchandise 'merch') was lacking my spirit to sell was not and in a brilliant stroke of genius I decided to sell back rubs for $3 and compliments for $o.50. I even resorted to busting out a sign that said singing telegrams for $1 ( but they had to be delivered in my driveway which was not that great of a business plan) . I didn't sell one back rub or compliment though I busted out a few semi-unwanted hugs. We managed to sell a bunch of stuff and give away a few gifts with purchase - people loved that.We said our garage sale would make their minds explode and I think Hilari and I along with 8 candy/lemonade sales people managed to do just that- oh and compliments are still only $0.50 .....stock up for Christmas.