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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leia Jr.

Remi requested this classic 'do in honor of Princess Leia .I was grateful she didnt want the Jabba the Hut .Lets face it Carrie Fisher was a gun slingin' princess hottie! I think it turned out pretty cute -dont you?

Cousins Gotta Hug!

Xander and Blue a Dynamic Duo.
These two have a love for all things Super Hero and an unflinching resolve to be best buddies forever.This pair likes to draw, play sports and think of ways to get my sister and I to let them spend the night. They have already planned to be roomies in college and enjoy manly times hiking and playing together.Blue is a gifted chess player and QB and Xander is an amazing artist and has a love for football as well . They are each lucky to have such a devoted wing man.