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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Bee and Me...A One Sided Love Story

That is one big disgruntled bee and I would like to start this off by saying I am a full on bee supporter. I am Pro-Bee . I saw The Bee Movie, enjoy Sue Bee Honey , used Burts Bee's lip balm ( not very often cuz' that stuff is spendy) ,and watched the 60 minutes where they talk about how all the bee's are disappearing and how we aren't going to be able to raise crops without them and bee keepers are going out of business cuz' a mizillion bee's are takin' a vacay cuz' of cell phones (- even Andy Rooney's do ya ever wonder why we get junk mail segment couldn't erase my concern).So I have alotta' love for our friends the bees and was shocked when one decided to rummage around my hair and sting my finger while I was gingerly shooing it away.So 4 days later my useful pointer finger and surrounding tissue has become a hand of fleshy swollen goodness. Saturday night it was at its worse and I gave it a nickname of Meat Hand or McMeaty for short. Antibiotics are helping the swelling and Benedryl is keeping the itchiness at bay while also delivering a substantial buzz.The kids said my hand looked like a lil' baby hand all round fatty and pink. I have developed a healthy respect for all the things my left hand does for me like hold things and pet things and touch things - I really really like my left hand. I also harbor no ill will towards that wayward bee. I was always on his side ( I love bees wax candles and look pretty good in yellow and black) and the fact that a bee didn't take the time to get to know me better and realize I am not a threat is just a life lesson- or end of life lesson for the bee cuz' I think they die after they sting you. I still love you bees . In spite of my obvious disfiguring allergy to bees I will always be your #1 fan. Let me be the wind beneath your teeny tiny hardworking wings.