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Monday, December 15, 2008

Is that you Santa Claus?

Last week on a shopping trip for a catering job Hilari and I spied with our little eyes a Santa wannabe! I loved that he exploited his natural white beard and love of hats to don a Santa cap and red fleece zip up. Ava and Cruz were terrified of the man but after he stopped shopping in the hard liquor aisle ( not that I care if a man wants to spike his hot cocoa but it is funny to see Santa comparison shop the 40 proofs -we all have to get warm in the winter somehow) we called him over to try for a pic' - the kids wouldn't have it so I jumped in and Hilari took the pic' . I only got this one off as he was walking away to find the cookie aisle no doubt. I love any season that encourages dressing up.Only a week and a half left for this guy to get accosted in big bulk stores...don't ya just love Christmas!